The candidates that HB Staffing has provided for us are excellent. The quality of their employees is outstanding and their follow through is always diligent. Also, they are very nice to work with.

Brett B., Chief Development Officer at Costa Mesa Intl Nonprofit Service Organization

I was treated fairly by HB Staffing and am happy with their customer service.

Cole P., Owner of HB Metal Recycler

I am pleased with the speed of placements and the quality of candidates I have received from HB Staffing. I plan on using them exclusively.

Heidi G., Office Manager at Costa Mesa Law Firm

I want to thank you very much for your very professional response and for the awesome service. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for staffing services.

Troy S., Manager Automotive Prototype Design

I appreciate HB Staffing’s level of professionalism and follow up and that is why we use them exclusively.

Kristen B., Owner of HB Trade Show Accessories

I just wanted to let you know how completely satisfied we were with who you sent us to assist in our conference. They were professional, arrived early every day and all had a can-do attitude. My boss asked me how I picked you … my response: I spoke to four different agencies and my deciding factor was the questions that you asked me. My hats off to you – you provided me with the confidence that you understood what I was looking for and that is exactly what you provided.

Lisa B., Manager Communication/Events, HR Association

I love the idea that HB Staffing takes care of all the screening of the applicants. It saves a lot of time and money, and time is money. I also like the fact that I always get an immediate response and HB Staffing’s customer service is excellent.

Vicki D., Controller at HB Sportswear Manufacturer

Working at my temp assignment has been an awesome experience. It feels good to be recognized as a good respectable hard worker and my journey here will always be remembered thanks to HB Staffing. They provided me a great job and gave me an opportunity to shine.

Robert H. Placed Employee

I wish I had started with this county position years ago, it is a great place to spend 40 hours a week. The staff is congenial and helpful, much like HB Staffing. HB Staffing made it easy for me to find a position. A couple of emails exchanged and then I was being told where to report for work. The facilitation of the HR paperwork via email was a smooth process as well, and the auto deposit of my checks happened by the second payday. I felt like HB Staffing was working quietly in the background to find me a job, wind beneath the wings sort of thing and I still feel the support, thank you so much!

Nancy C.- Placed Employee

I’m grateful to be working with HB Staffing because I love my job. I love the people, the environment, and the opportunities that this assignment will bring in the future. I’ve been with this company for almost a year and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Maria H.- Placed Employee