Everything has been great! You have an amazing staff, Megan Ignacio has been very helpful. As far as the assignment goes all is well. I enjoy working for the county and I’m doing my best to represent HB staffing. Hope you are doing well and staying safe during this pandemic.

Alex J. – Placed Employee

I’m happy with my assignment at the County because you learn something new every day and the environment is filled with good vibes. I’m very happy to be part of HB Staffing and to work with a wonderful staff.


Kelsey F. – Placed Employee

HB Staffing has always been able to come through for us with vetted, qualified candidates. Unique jobs, as in our industry, require unique skills and HB Staffing can handle it!

Denise Penn, Human Resources Manager at Cal-Aurum Industries. Huntington Beach, CA

We are so happy with the service we receive from the HB Staffing team.  I have worked closely with Elaine Blum and Lisa Fregosi on recruitments and Andrew Stone on contract administration and I could not be happier with the service we receive.  Your staff is always responsive, helpful and never fails in providing excellent service to our department.  We have received quality temp help and have hired several HB Staffing temps as full-time employees.  I have worked at the County for 22 years, and have negotiated/administered contracts for 15 years and I am always grateful for vendors who provide an exemplary level of service, as it means our taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely.  Thank you for all you do and for providing us such a great team to work with, it is greatly appreciated!

Kari Bouffard, Contracts & Procurement Manager Orange County Assessor Department

I appreciate HB Staffing’s prompt attention to my needs. They always send me qualified candidates, and I always appreciate the personal attention I get from their staff.

Gwen V., Accounting Manager, Security Alarm Services

HB Staffing has provided me with an assistant that is my crown jewel. I am very appreciative and pleased with the quality of candidates that we have obtained from them.

Suzanne H., Owner of HB Realty Firm

We use HB Staffing exclusively. All candidates that have been provided to us have worked out well and will continue to use them.

Rachelle L., Office Manager of HB Construction Firm

When I need assistance in staffing, I know I can count on HB Staffing to provide me with the most suitable candidates.

Lara A., Office Administrator, HB Fire Systems

I appreciate the great customer service and quick follow-up that we have received from HB Staffing.

Linda G., Office Manager at HB Pet Accessory Manufacturer

I have always been pleased with HB Staffing’s employees because they not only fulfill the assignments, but they also use their head. The work assigned to these employees requires a lot of attention to details, and their employees are very conscientious.

Mike Z., Owner of Irvine Construction Consultation Firm