Wanted to thank HB Staffing for their responsiveness to job requests and for always providing current updates regarding candidate availability and qualifications. Enjoyed working with HB Staffing and appreciate all they do!

Brenda R., Customer Service Manager, Huntington Beach Health & Wellness Business

Paige McAllister has really been amazing! She is quick to respond to any of my questions and has been very thorough in all the necessary details to my employment. I have enjoyed working with her and I think she is stellar! The hiring process was quick and painless, despite being different due to the pandemic. Amber Pura has also been very detailed in her work, including reminders for time entry. I am looking forward to continuing to work for HB Staffing. It has been both delightful and fulfilling.

Sarah G. – Placed Employee

Paige McAllister is an awesome recruiter, she keeps me busy. Amber Pura is a joy, if I have any questions regarding my timesheet she is quick to respond. Being at my current assignment I’m learning so much. I’ve always worked in the private sector and now working for the County is a great experience for me.

Doretha T. – Placed Employee

I am very happy that I am with HB Staffing. I get to work for the County I retired from. Whenever I’ve been unable to do something with the computer for your company, someone has always pleasantly helped me get through the process. The onboarding process has been easy, and I love getting paid weekly!

Cindy M. – Placed Employee

I am thankful and grateful with HB Staffing that I landed a job in the middle of this pandemic. My dream came true, working for the government. I enjoy the job and learning a lot of things. I hope that my next assignment would still be a government job.

Georgearita M. – Placed Employee

I’m loving it at the County! There is a clearly-stated procedure for almost everything which makes it easy to get a sense of what is required for each task. I see camaraderie amongst the teams and a willingness to help. Working with Paige McAllister during the interview and placement process was great! She was very warm and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I am also thankful for the time entry reminders from Amber Pura. Overall, my time with HB Staffing has been incredibly positive. From my experience, other staffing agencies are more hands-off, leaving out critical information and rarely reaching out after the initial placement, but I feel like HB Staffing actually cares.

Amanda A. – Placed Employee

My recruiter Erica Dones is AWESOME! She explained and answered all my questions in detail. Very kind & patient when I was confused. 🌟She’s a True Treasure🌟I am really enjoying my Assignment. The people are friendly, good hours, and location is great!

Reyna R. – Placed Employee

The process with HB Staffing was fairly simple. I got all the support I needed to start working this temporary assignment. I worked there for 5 1/2 years as a contract worker. Lisa Fregosi was very kind and professional.

John A. – Placed Employee

I am very thankful to Paige McAllister and Erica Dones for their help. I was looking for a job for months, sending resumes, filling out applications, but I didn’t get any response. I could not believe it and was so happy when Paige sent me an email for the first time. Paige and Erica both worked and replied fast and offered me jobs. I love the job I am at now. The atmosphere at the office is great.

Railia G. – Place Employee

I enjoyed the recruitment process. It was fast and easy. Erica was very helpful and got me started on the assignment quickly. The other staff were helpful too and notified me when to submit hours. Everyone responds fast.

Patricia C. – Placed Employee