I appreciate HB Staffing’s prompt attention to my needs. They always send me qualified candidates, and I always appreciate the personal attention I get from their staff.

Gwen V., Accounting Manager, Security Alarm Services

HB Staffing has provided me with an assistant that is my crown jewel. I am very appreciative and pleased with the quality of candidates that we have obtained from them.

Suzanne H., Owner of HB Realty Firm

We use HB Staffing exclusively. All candidates that have been provided to us have worked out well and will continue to use them.

Rachelle L., Office Manager of HB Construction Firm

When I need assistance in staffing, I know I can count on HB Staffing to provide me with the most suitable candidates.

Lara A., Office Administrator, HB Fire Systems

I appreciate the great customer service and quick follow-up that we have received from HB Staffing.

Linda G., Office Manager at HB Pet Accessory Manufacturer

I have always been pleased with HB Staffing’s employees because they not only fulfill the assignments, but they also use their head. The work assigned to these employees requires a lot of attention to details, and their employees are very conscientious.

Mike Z., Owner of Irvine Construction Consultation Firm

The candidates that HB Staffing has provided for us are excellent. The quality of their employees is outstanding and their follow through is always diligent. Also, they are very nice to work with.

Brett B., Chief Development Officer at Costa Mesa Intl Nonprofit Service Organization

I was treated fairly by HB Staffing and am happy with their customer service.

Cole P., Owner of HB Metal Recycler

I am pleased with the speed of placements and the quality of candidates I have received from HB Staffing. I plan on using them exclusively.

Heidi G., Office Manager at Costa Mesa Law Firm

I want to thank you very much for your very professional response and for the awesome service. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for staffing services.

Troy S., Manager Automotive Prototype Design