Our Staffing Process

Our professional service involves connecting candidates within our various job families to match their qualifications with our clients short and long-term temp requirements or direct hire/search opening. We utilize referrals from our dynamic data base of candidates, search for candidates on all major web-based platforms, and advertise for qualified job seekers on many venues. We also utilize social marketing, engage job fairs, attend career centers and local community groups to attract candidates seeking opportunities.

Our Step by Step search, recruit and placement Process:

  1. Receive Job order from client (all important details of the position, “must-have” candidate capabilities and your expectations as the employer)
  2. We Interview you (the employer/client) for this information-When possible we will perform “site visits” to ensure we find the best candidate for your organization.
  3. We search through our pool of available candidates- as necessary, we utilize all manner of common and uncommon venues to search for and attract the right candidates to fit your need.
  4. If you are a new client, we will also ask you to provide credit information and your choice of payment method.
  5. We will discuss and agree to the hourly bill rate for the employee(s), their duties, location, report-to, hours & days of work and the like.
  6. We find, qualify, reference & background check, and short-list candidates that are interested in your company/project and match your requirements.
  7. Depending on the assignment you have given us, we send the employee(s) directly to your organization or set up phone or face-to-face interviews per your request.
  8. Based upon your choice of candidate(s) to start your project, we make all the arrangements with the employee and coordinate the start time, dress, where to report, and other details.
  9. We provide you a startup letter outlining start time, hours, and bill rate. We do the same for the employee.