Employer FAQs

Costs will vary based on type of qualifications and skills you require, volume, and workers’ compensation. We strive to provide the best talent to your company that matches your job and cultural requirements!

Our search, recruit, and placement process begins immediately upon receiving your job order which contains all the important details of the position, the ‘must-have’ candidate capabilities, and your expectations. We interview you carefully to obtain this information. Where possible and suitable we will visit your work site to ensure we find the best fit candidates for your organization. We then search through our pool of available candidates and, as necessary, utilize all manner of common and uncommon venues to search for and attract the right candidates to fit your need. Our goal is to complete your project with urgency and professionalism.

If you are a new client, we will also ask you to provide credit information and your choice of payment method. We will discuss and agree to the hourly bill rate for the employee(s), their duties, location, report-to, hours & days of work, and the like. Based upon your description and requirements, we start our search and placement process.

We then find, qualify, reference & background check, and short-list candidates that are interested in your company/project and match your requirements. Depending on the assignment you have given us, we send the employee(s) directly to your organization or set up phone or face-to-face interviews per your request.

Based upon your choice of candidate(s) to start your project, we make all the arrangements with the employee and coordinate the start time, dress, where to report, and other details. We provide you a startup letter outlining start time, hours, and bill rate. We do the same for the employee.

The timeline for placements varies according to the specifics of the job requisition. Most temporary positions are filled within hours or a few days. Requests for uniquely qualified candidates can take a little longer.

Every applicant is referenced checked through their most recent supervisors or human resources. Some clients request fee-based screens that include drug, driving record, credit, physical exam, education, and others. We also provide a background check utilizing a service with a database of over 600 million records to identify backgrounds that might be less than desirable in your work environment. We also administer skill assessments that help determine the capabilities of our candidates. We use IBM Access (formerly Prove It) which gives us access to over 1,500 various skills assessments.

We want to provide you with the best staffing solution, always. We understand that our job is to help solve customer problems through the work and efforts of the individuals that we provide to them. To that end we strive to provide the best talent suitable to help our customers. It is very rare for a client to be dissatisfied about an employee; however, if that happens, we are happy to immediately replace the employee. For employees the client immediately judges as not adequate to the job, contact us within the first four hours and we will not charge the client for the four hours.

HB Staffing is a full-service staffing company that specializes in providing temporary office/administrative, accounting, customer service, marketing, light industrial/assembly, engineering and IT staff – and many types of positions outside of those ‘job families.’ We fulfill many highly specialized positions for the federal government and other governmental agencies.

Today, searching for, finding, interviewing, investigating, and hiring the right people to support client production goals is more challenging than ever. We are specialists and professionals in recruiting and placement, whose sole purpose is to focus on a client’s need and professionally execute the best practices process to find the matching temporary (or long-term) personnel to meet those needs as quickly as possible. Our clients indicate that our customer service performance index is at 95 percent based on the independent D&B Open Ratings survey.