We are a full-service recruitment agency placing people in jobs across the United States!

HB Staffing, founded in 2000, is a full-service staffing company placing a wide range of personnel on a temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire basis with commercial businesses, nonprofits, public agencies and government agencies based in Huntington Beach, Orange County, San Diego County, Monterey County, and other markets in Southern California and the United States.

Services We Offer:

Temporary Staffing Services

We provide reliable, talented, and conscientious short- or long-term personnel who can hit the ground running for you. These candidates may work from a few hours to months at a time. Examples of assignments include: special projects, fill-in, medical leave, peak seasons, etc.

Temporary-to-Hire Staffing Services

Clients often wish to have candidates for a long-term position, likewise, candidates consider the client organization as a possible home for their career. More and more of our clients find that using the “temp-to-hire” solution can help ease the load on their existing workforce and improve sociability and job satisfaction. Temp-to-hire workers can be integral aspects of your company’s lasting success.

At HB Staffing Services, our temp-to-hire professionals will work a contractual minimum of 720 hours for an organization. Once the temporary contract expires, the organization may choose to renew the contract for a longer period or offer the temporary employee permanent employment with the organization.


Direct Hire Staffing Services

Our Direct Hire Guarantee!
We search for and present candidates who meet your specific job requirements. These candidates will immediately be hired by our clients and are not temporary employees.

HB Staffing offers our clients our Direct Hire Client Protection Program. We know it’s tough to find and keep candidates, so our Direct Hire Client Protection plan gives you a five-year protection guarantee!

How Our Direct Hire Client Protection Plan Works

If a candidate placed by us leaves a client within 30 calendar days, we offer free replacement or a 100 percent refund; if the candidate leaves the client between 31-90 calendar days, we offer a prorated refund or full replacement. And here’s the best – If a candidate placed by us leaves a client between 90 days and five years, we offer a 50 percent fee discount on replacement of the original candidate! (*restrictions apply)

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