Since 2000, we have provided commercial staffing services to over 1,500 commercial businesses located in Huntington Beach, Orange County and San Diego County.

Commercial Staffing Services

Temporary Employees – We deliver reliable, talented, and conscientious short- or long-term personnel who can hit the ground running for you. These candidates may work for the client from a few hours to months at a time. They handle short- or long-term coverages such as special projects, fill-in, medical leave, peak seasons, etc.

Temp-to-Hire – Clients today often invest in candidates who are considered for a ‘hire’ status within a relatively short period. These are personnel who likewise consider the organization as a possible home for their foreseeable future. More and more clients find that using the “try before you hire” method of bringing on employees through a commercial staffing agency is a great way to go. When you have a need, a temp-to-hire program often allows for a quicker time to hire than if you advertise to fill a position

At HB Staffing, you pay NO additional fees at the end of the “try out” period. And we offer free working interviews up to two days/16 hours on temp-to-hire candidates. We have the flexibility and agility to customize a program that is cost-effective for you.

Direct Hire – HB Staffing caps fees at 20 percent of annual salary on all positions at any level. See our Exceptional Client Protection Plan.

Direct Hire Protection Plan