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As a leading staffing agency in Orange County, with branch offices in San Diego and the Inland Empire, we specialize in staffing temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire personnel. For many of our employees, temporary positions are not uncommon. Some employees experience multiple temporary positions each month. However, research shows that many employees starting orientation during a new temporary assignment do not receive enough information to be successful on the job. Therefore, ruling the company onboarding process ineffective.

The onboarding process in most companies is often overshadowed by the daily responsibilities of running the company. Many companies have little to no process at all, and the truth is all employees will prove more valuable if you offered a better experience for them to begin with. A quick solution to new hires coming on board is an onboarding checklist.

New employees’ matter, and so should their employee experience. Follow this onboarding checklist and watch your new employees produce.

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Onboarding Checklist: Pre-Employee Arrival

  • Prepare arrival procedures – this includes the first point of contact, trainees, company handbooks, safety procedures, policies and guidelines, performance expectations, site tours, introductions, etc.
  • Prepare current staff – Alert your IT department, make sure the new hire has a desk, computer and a working phone set up and ready for use. Alert the receptionist of the expected arrival and where to direct the new hire when they arrive. All internal employees should be ready to greet and introduce themselves in a positive and professional manner.
  • Set expectations for staff- Make sure your internal staff is aware of the situation and prepared to guide the new hire in the right direction. Consider a trainee or group of trainees to work alongside them for the first few days.

Post Employee Arrival

  • Introduce them to the team – Start the new hire with a department tour, introducing them to key players at your organization. Make sure your staff is ready to discuss their responsibilities about how their roles will eventually collaborate or interact.
  • Discuss responsibilities and job duties – Take this time to take an in-depth dive into the key roles and expectations of the new hire. Make sure you are prepared to answer any questions they may have and give them as much guidance as possible to succeed.
  • Communicate the vision- Share the mission statement, company vision, and company culture. This will help the new hire navigate and adapt to the workplace quickly and comfortably.

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Post First Day on The Job

  • Onboarding is not just a one-day process, make sure your process is continued until the new hire is fully developed and can navigate themselves through the workplace and its processes. Typically, the onboarding process should run for at least the first 2 weeks. Research shows that most employees feel confident on the job and in their performance after the first month.
  • Keep in mind that temporary workers should be valued the same as full-time employees. Therefore, show them they are a part of the team by including them in company functions and important meetings that might be relevant to them.

At HB Staffing, we encourage our clients to provide these guidelines to temporary employees. It’s proven time and time again that the onboarding process influences the outcome of the temporary employee and the overall performance of the company. Onboarding can be the difference between an outstanding temporary employee rolling over into a full-time hire. For more information about onboarding processes or to speak to an experienced staffing manager call (714) 960-2800 or contact us here.

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