The Top 4 Job Interview Mistakes

So stop worrying about how to do something outstandingly right. Avoid these interview mistakes and you’re far more likely to find yourself in the job-search finals.

1. Arriving Late.

Nothing makes a worse impression. If you can’t turn up on time for the interview, what on earth would you do as an employee? If there’s even the remotest chance that weather, traffic or hard-to-follow directions might be a problem, leave early just to be sure. If your car is hit by a meteor, go to a phone booth and ask to reschedule.

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2. Arriving Early.

Getting to the office building at 3:30 for a 4:00 appointment is good; presenting yourself to the receptionist at that time is not. As Jeffrey G Allen explains in How To Turn An Interview Into A Job (Fireside, 1983), “When it comes to interviewing, only fools rush in.” It pressures the interviewer – and could make it look as though you have nothing better to do. Instead, go to a nearby restaurant for a last-minute cup of coffee and a final check of your hair and clothing.

3. Dressing Wrong.

Speaking of clothing, it matters. How you look has a lot to do with how you’re seen. “Oftentimes in the very first few minutes of the interview, the decision is made whether it’s going to be a turndown or a second interview,” stresses John L. LaFevre, a human resources director based in Ohio and author of How You really Get Hired (Arco/Prentice Hall Press, 1986).  “It either clicks on or it clicks off, and the remainder of the interview is spent validating that early judgment.”  Dressing too casually or flamboyantly can ruin your chances. The safest choice for an interview is a tailored suit in a conservative color like navy, gray or tan. Even the executives in wildly creative fields (TV, music, advertising, etc.) will respect you for knowing that a job candidate should look businesslike.

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4. Dressing In A Rush.

Don’t. On the job interview, neatness counts more than it has since your last grade for penmanship. Try on your entire interview attire the night before the appointment, if not earlier. That way you can make any necessary improvements or repairs.

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