From Our Staffing Family To Yours – Happy Thanksgiving!

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All of us at HB Staffing look forward to sharing what we are thankful for this year as we gather around family and friends for dinner on Thursday… But we can’t wait until then to express it!  We’re too excited that we felt like sharing some things we are thankful for right now! Happy Thanksgiving, please check out what some of our staff have been reflecting on this year below!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our clients, candidates and employees!

  • “I appreciate everyone’s hard work here at the office, I am so grateful for the amazing clients and candidates I am privileged to meet and serve every day!”
  • “I am so very thankful for our founder and general manager Cathy and Jon and all our amazing HB Staffing Team! It’s a privilege to come into work every day and work for people who love serving other people. Their passion for staffing and recruiting is infectious!”
  • “First of all, I am very thankful to have such a great job and to be working with such an amazing team! Happy Thanksgiving to all!”
  • “I am grateful to work as a member of the HB Staffing Team where everyone goes above and beyond to help clients /candidates achieve their goals/missions!”
  • “I am so appreciative of all our Team Associates and all that they bring to our HB Staffing ‘table’ – Happy Thanksgiving!”
  •  “I’m grateful for so much that I literally cannot pick one so here it goes; my family, my health, my friends, my coworkers, our clients, candidates, and employees,  and being able to help other people by working in this amazing industry of staffing and recruiting.”
  •  “There is so much to be thankful for. This year is a big blessing to me. Being on this team, experiencing and learning a lot at work, learning and getting to know our clients and candidates. Above all, I am thankful for this opportunity to learn and grow as a recruiter!”
  •  “I am thankful for my amazing and supportive team here at HB Staffing! As I get ready to wrap up the week, I can’t help but reflect on the incredibly hard-working and dedicated team I work with. Because of their commitment to doing great work for our clients and candidates, we always finish the year strong and for that I am grateful!

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These are just a few things we are thankful for here at HB Staffing, but most importantly we are thankful for your loyal support over the last 19 years! We wish all of our clients, candidates, and employees a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! For more information about our hiring services contact us today or if you’re in need of a great job this holiday season, submit your resume or search through our current job openings today!

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