The Recruiting Process – Helpful Tips For Job Seekers

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Are you an active job seeker looking for temporary or full-time work but fear the recruiting process? Anyone who has worked a day in their life has been through the mysterious steps of summiting their resume and waiting for a callback. Have you ever wondered what’s happening behind the scenes during that time? As a candidate in this job market, it can be frustrating and overwhelming searching for a job if you’re unclear how the process really works. Having a clear understanding of the recruiting process can help you build confidence, and also set you apart from other candidates. At HB Staffing we like to bring the mysteries to light by providing you the basic recruitment process that most companies use!

1. Summiting Your Resume

Once your resume is ready to start submitting to job ads, the recruitment process begins. There are many different platforms you may use to submit your resume (company website, LinkedIn, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, etc.) but most people don’t know that you can put yourself at the top of the list using these platforms. Most platforms use SEO (search engine optimization) tools to filter through the hundreds and thousands of resumes, meaning they are filtering through keywords on your resume that match the job description. At HB Staffing we suggest you tailor your resume to the specific job description you are applying to by using keywords found in the job description. This will tell the platform that you are a relevant candidate for this job, stacking you higher in the pile of online resumes, therefore, increasing your chances of moving forward in the process.

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2. Vetting

Think of your resume traveling through filters, first it travels through the online filter weaving out all the non-applicable candidates. Vetting acts like a human filter, the vetting process is the process of examining and evaluating candidates most commonly over there phone. During this phone interview, the recruiters are looking for a set of soft skills and traits, which may include; communication, enthusiasm for the job, confidence in your material listed on the resume and the ability to effectively convince them you’re are the right person for the job. During this process, be sure to communicate clearly and confidently and be prepared for common interview questions they may ask.

3. In-Person Interviews

After carefully vetting through the candidates over the phone, the recruiter then chooses the candidates they are most confident can be a great match for the job. At this point, the recruiter is familiar with the candidate’s work history and will be diving deeper into personality traits. Asking a series of questions focused on personality, skills and how well your understanding of the job description is. This may also include certain questions designed to grasp an understanding of your behavior skills, making sure you’re a good fit with company culture, work well with others and adapt in critical situations.Contact A Recruiter Button

 4. Second In-Person Interview & Decision

This round of interviews is to better understand your work style. This will typically include an additional manager or an executive-level listening in on the interview. Designed to get 2-3 different opinions, they will then discuss and decide on the final candidate.


Conduct your job search with confidence!

Having a clear understanding of the recruiting process can help you build confidence and set you apart from other candidates applying to the same job. Keep in mind that we are here for you and can help you through this process every step of the way. Our trained recruiters in Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland empire have what it takes to help you land the perfect job. We also offer complimentary resume editing and interview prep. Submit your resume through our online job board or search jobs today! Let us help you get started!

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