Outsource Your Hiring To A Staffing Agency – Top 3 Benefits

Are you making smart hiring decisions? Have you seen a bad return on investment on recent employees you’ve hired? Hiring new employees can be challenging and very costly. What if they don’t work out as you expected? The cost of hiring bad employees will hurt your business. At HB Staffing we have the workforce solutions to keep your business on track and help you save money! By partnering with a dedicated staffing agency, you can be receiving the benefits your company is lacking.

Although some businesses are wary about staffing agencies and their fees, we have the flexibility and agility to customize a program that fits your needs, the cost of a bad hire will double the cost of working with an agency. HB Staffing has provided commercial staffing services to over 1,500 businesses in Orange County and Southern California, we also specialize in staffing Cities and Municipalities, State Governments, Ports, Counties, Education and Water Districts. Proven our success over the last 19 years we are committed to surpassing industry standards in the delivery of extraordinary talent to our clients. Here are some of the benefits that outweigh the fees of working with HB Staffing:

Our Clients Come Back

With over four decades of industry experience, Founder Cathy Volpe opened the doors to HB Staffing in 2000 and has been serving our clients for 19 years. We have developed deep relationships with our clients and dedicate our services to keep them coming back. Whether they are small businesses, large businesses, public and federal agencies or non-profits we have a “fall out” ratio of less than 2% and a Customer Satisfaction Performance Rating of 95%, leaving us in the top 4-5% of staffing services nationwide.

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Temporary Staffing Solutions

We are here to help whether you need short term, long term or assistance as soon as possible. By using our temporary staffing services, we provide you with reliable, talented and conscientious personnel that can hit the ground running once they start the assignment. Candidates may work a few hours to months at a time. We also offer exclusive benefits while using our temporary staffing services, for example, we cover payroll taxes and administrative fees, workers compensation, unemployment, and sick leave.

Another benefit of working with a staffing agency such as HB Staffing is our Temporary-to-Hire program. The “temp-to-hire” program paves the way for quicker “time-to-hire”. When working with us, we set a standard “try out” period of 640 hours, but we have the flexibility to customize a plan that works best for you. At the end of the “try-out” period, there is no administration or liquidation fee and we offer free working interviews of up to two days or 16 hours.

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Direct Hiring Staffing Solutions

With unemployment at the lowest rate in years, employers need to utilize a specialized staffing firm more than ever to locate talent. We can help you cover more ground effectively and hire the right people. We do all the work for you! Our process includes searching for skilled talent, evaluating and vetting the applicant and reducing the time and money it costs you to do it all yourself. We also offer a Direct Hire Protection Plan that our clients benefit from. We want to make sure you’re protected from making a bad hiring decision. Therefore, we offer a FREE replacement or 100% refund if a candidate is terminated within 30 days. It gets better, we PRO-RATE at 50% refill of position if the candidate is terminated within 31-90 days! And to help you sleep at night, we offer a 50% discount to replace the original candidate if that candidate is terminated anytime from 90 days to 5 years!

Start Reaping the Benefits of a Staffing Agency Today!

Outsourcing your hiring to a staffing agency is tremendously valuable. Having a dedicated, responsive team to speed up your hiring process and be there for you when you need it most will help your business stay on track. Our team is here for you, call today or request an employee to get started.

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