How Do You Follow-Up After A Job Interview?

Interview Follow Up

Imagine you applied for a job, nailed the phone interview, and made it through the in-person interview with total confidence that you’re the perfect candidate for the position. A couple of days go by, yet you still don’t hear a word from the company since the final interview. Do you follow-up via phone or email?  Do you know the right procedure on following-up after interviews? If not, we put together a few tips and tricks to help you follow up like a professional and land your next job…

What is the best follow-up method?

According to our recruiting professionals here at HB Staffing, there are many different methods to follow-up, depending on the company, the interview style and the overall experience of how well the interview went. In most cases, you have to gauge the situation and use your best judgment to choose the best method of follow-up. Depending on the conversation you had with the hiring manager, following-up by email will always be the safest bet. Yet, some applicants are known to follow-up by phone if they feel they’ve made a connection to the interviewer. Although, a phone conversation requires confidence and the ability to deliver a clear message.

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Be confident, your goal is to make a long-lasting impression

Don’t overthink the situation and put all your eggs into one basket. Remain cool, calm and collected during your follow-up email or phone call. You want to come across as confident, but not desperate. For some people, doing so can be a struggle because nerves take over. Remember to take a step back, take your time, and make sure you proofread your work before sending your follow-up or picking up the phone. Practice a phone conversation with a friend or family member before calling the hiring manager. Make sure you project your voice with confidence, speak clearly and make it short and to the point. You can also bring up a talking point from the interview if you feel it connected with the hiring manager, this tactic simply refreshes their memory and betters your chances of getting remembered.

Don’t miss the window of opportunity.

The general rule to following-up after a final interview is 3- 5 days. Again, this can vary depending on the company and how they run their operation. If their HR department is remote, it might take a few days to finalize the paperwork. If you were one of the first people to interview, they might have more candidates they would like to interview before deciding. Different situations are likely to happen and unfortunately, as the candidate, you don’t have control over them. Therefore, use your best judgment and generally wait 3-5 days before following-up if you haven’t heard back from the company.

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You can follow these guidelines when you’re working with a staffing agency to find a job.

At HB Staffing, communication differentiates our services from other staffing agencies in Orange County. We are here for our candidates and our goal is to build relationships and help place top talent in exceptional jobs. When candidates reciprocate that communication and are persistent with follow-ups, it helps us better our services. Call our staffing agency to talk to a recruiter, follow-up after an interview or verify an important document. Our team of dedicated staffing professionals has what it takes to help find a job you’ll love. Are you interested in our current job opportunities? Call today or submit your resume online and one of our staff members will contact you as soon as possible.

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