3 Reasons To Outsource Your Hiring To A Staffing Agency

There are many reasons to use a staffing agency to help you find employees, especially in today’s market when good candidates are few and far between. Staffing and recruiting firms are professionally trained to identify and match quality candidates with great jobs. Most agencies have qualified candidates ready, willing and waiting in their system for the next best opportunity that meets their qualifications and needs. Agencies knock out the recruiting process to save you time and money, we handle the hiring so you can focus on what needs to be done for your business. Below are 3 reasons why you should start using a staffing agency…

A Candidate Market Equals More Potential Turnover

If you’re noticing a rise in turnover at your organization, it can be for several reasons. However, If you’re experiencing an unusual rise in turnover, it could because of the passive job seeker. A passive job seeker is someone who is not currently looking for a new job, yet is open to new or “better” opportunity. Most organizations know this is where they are going to find great candidates in today’s market, so this is who they are targeting more frequently than before. This is causing organizations to compete with each other when it comes to salary, benefits, culture and better opportunity for growth. Thus, causing great employees to leave for those competitive “perks”.

Improve Productivity

Another reason why employers use staffing agencies is that they need to hire people fast but don’t have the time to do the hiring themselves. Unfortunately, many organizations suffer from lack of productivity because they are so focused on trying to recruit, hire and fill positions. Time is valuable in the workday and time is money to an organization trying to run a business. In some cases, the ones in charge of hiring are not the ones in a position to sacrifice their workload to go through a hiring process. In other words, it’s not in their job description to be a hiring manager but there’s nobody else to do it. By using an outside staffing agency, it’s saving you time and money while we do all the work for you in the background.

You Have Options

Depending on your workforce needs you have multiple options available to you if you were to partner with a staffing agency like HB Staffing. We offer temporary help, temp-to-Hire, and Direct Hire placements. Meaning, if you have a special project and you need extra help temporarily, we can find it for you.  We have placed thousands of candidates in commercial, public and federal government assignments in all levels. The other option is to test out your candidate before you hire them directly using our temp-to-hire process.  If the candidate is a great fit for your organization, culture and work ethic then you can hire them on directly. Most importantly, at HB Staffing we back our services with a Direct Hire Protection Plan. While HB Staffing’s “fall out” ratio is less than 2 %, most candidates we place in direct hire positions remain there for an average of 2-5 years. We want our clients to feel protected!


With over four decades of industry experience, founder Cathy Volpe opened the doors to HB Staffing in 2000. Our dedicated team of professionals provides workforce solutions you can rely on to keep your business on track. Our mission is to provide exceptional staffing services to commercial business, non-profits, public and federal government agencies; matching extraordinary talent with clients that value results-oriented, customer-centered, and community-focused staffing partnerships.

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