How To Answer: “Tell me about yourself?”

Imagine you walk into an interview for the job you’ve always wanted, shake the hiring managers hand, sit down and the first question they ask you is “so tell me a little about yourself?”- How do you answer a silly question like that? Well first, this question is used in almost every interview process and it’s far from a “silly question”. In fact, you should prepare your self to answer this question to the best of your ability because it could be a deal breaker.

Briefly Explain Your Goals

The question is designed to be answered in a way that articulates your resume history and your background. However, this does not mean memorizing your resume and reading it back word for word. The hiring manager is looking for meaningful content that will help them better understand who you are and if you are a great candidate for the position and the company.

Remember It’s A First Impression

Keep in mind this question also acts as a first impression. Although first impressions are very common in the hiring process, this one is particularly important. This is your opportunity to market yourself as someone with the right mindset, skills, confidence, and attitude to handle the job and be successful.

Briefly Explain Why You Would Be A Valuable Asset

Make sure to remember the reasons your applying for the job, for example, a better opportunity to grow in your career, learn new skills and take on new roles. Expand on why you think the reasons why this particular job is the right fit for you and what you could bring to the table if you were hired.

Keep A Professional Mindset

Be sure to keep a professional mindset and leave your personal mindset to yourself. Hiring managers are not looking for your life story, so be sure to leave that at the door. It’s easy to take the question “Tell me about yourself?” as an opportunity to make friends with the hiring manager. However, you are not on a date, at a bar, or at a baseball game. You are on an Interview, so remember that you are not there to make friends, at least that early in the process.

Prepare Yourself

The interview process can be very intimidating sometimes, but the number one rule to be successful in the interview process is to prepare. If you are prepared, you know exactly what to expect. The same rule applies to answering the question, ”tell me about yourself.” Before showing up to an interview, expect to answer this question and do your research. Thoroughly research the company your applying for and the job description. The more you know, the easier it is for you to draft up a well put together answer that reflects what the hiring manager is most likely looking for in a candidate.

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