3 Costly Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Your Recruiting Strategy

If your business is looking to hire new employees for new roles, chances are your competitors are looking for the exact same candidates. With the unemployment rate so low and the many opportunities and options for potential candidates to seek out, the competition is getting harder. As a professional staffing agency, we know when to switch strategies and take on a different approach to finding candidates, but many companies are so caught up with their own work they may be making big mistakes in their approach to hiring top talent.

We’ve put together 3 mistakes you don’t want to make when competing for top talent:

  1. Post and Prey

Posting a job opportunity and waiting for candidates to apply or send their resume does not work like it used to. Yes, this is approach can be used as part of your strategy but in today’s market, you need to go after the passive candidate. A passive candidate is someone that is already working but is open to a new opportunity. You’re probably thinking “How am I supposed to find the time to hunt down candidates?” Valid question, that’s why many companies are turning to professional staffing agencies like HB Staffing to help find great candidates. As a professional staffing agency, we take many approaches to finding talent. It’s our job to help you find the best employees out.

  1. Never Stop Recruiting

The moment you stop recruiting is the moment you stop networking and once you stop networking in today’s world it’s hard to do almost anything. Connecting with people and networking is part of the recruiting process and has become a huge part of today’s social culture. One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen companies make is immediately stop recruiting the moment a job is filled. What if that employee accepts your offer, works for a month and receives a better offer from another company? Yes, you would probably question their ethical behavior, but this scenario happens all the time. Always keep networking and recruiting because you never know when you might have a need.

  1. Lack of Communication

As a professional staffing agency, we cannot stress enough how important communication is during the hiring process. Whether the candidate gets hired or rejected, there needs to be some form of communication. Post interview, the lack of communication between candidates and hiring managers has a tremendous impact on the candidate’s perspective of the company. At HB staffing we take pride in our communication skills and have the resources and tools it takes to find great candidates. Contact us and request an employee today!

Avoid these mistakes and let us help you find the talent that you need.

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