3 Tips to Improve the Applicant Experience

In today’s employee market, the applicant experience has become one of the most important areas to focus on as a company or hiring manager. When it comes to improving the candidate experience, the question to ask yourself is what are the steps it will take to simplify the experience for each candidate. HB Staffing has put together three essential tips to improve the candidate experience.

Simplify Your Process

Applications can be a very long and repetitive process that can steer a quality candidate away in today’s market. Today, processes need to be simplified or people are going to look past them. Not only the application but also the follow-up steps to an interview or and any other process that takes place before the candidate is actually hired. At HB Staffing we suggest simplifying the application process first, the application is the first thing candidates see and we all know that first impressions count the most. We suggest thoroughly combing through your application and cutting out unnecessary information or repetitive content. A one-click apply application would be the most ideal application, however, some additional information may be needed by your company depending on the position. It’s best to stay aware of your process and make the necessary changes to keep it up to date and as seamless as possible.

Spark Interest in Job Descriptions

Another important tip to improve the candidate experience is to make your job descriptions interesting and engaging for the reader. Job seekers have many options right now, so it’s important to describe truthfully why your company is the place they should be working. In the job description be sure to describe the company culture, the pay, the opportunity for growth, etc…. Give solid reasons why someone would want to work for your company and the benefits of working for such a great company. Of course, they will skim through the actual description of what the job entails, but most people already know the general functions of the job they are applying for and want to know why they should work for your company over your competitor.

Be Responsive

We often hear this almost every day in our industry, but it would surprise you how many people lack this simple effort. The best marketing advice for any company is to truly care about your customer. Always respond to your candidates, whether they get hired or rejected, always be responsive. A simple thank you for your time and consideration can go along way. Don’t lack the effort of being responsive, everybody appreciates being acknowledged.

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