What Is Upskilling And Why Your Company Needs It

We live in a world where things move faster than ever before. Business plans shift, priorities change, content changes almost every second. The attention span of a human being is smaller than it’s ever been. In a world that moves this fast, we must be able to keep up with what’s going on around us in the workplace.

What do I mean by keeping up in the workplace? Upskilling…teaching new skills that other companies and employees might already be proficient in that our increasing the value of the business. Teaching employees’ new skills is no longer a perk, it’s a necessity. There are many reasons why upskilling is necessary, but here are the top two reasons why it’s important in today’s workforce culture.

Two Reasons Why Upskilling Is Necessary

Technology is here to stay

Technology has been on the rise for quite some time now, but we are now seeing it impacting the workplace. Jobs are changing on a regular basis; the innovation of technology and software is finally overwhelming the workplace culture. It’s no longer a skill to know and learn these technologies but a normal ability. Upskilling is the one way to get your staff on board with all the latest and greatest technologies. Build training programs, attend seminars, get your staff up to par on what the norm is in your industry, so your company won’t be left behind.

Employee satisfaction

Just like technology, the employee is catching on to the ever-changing workforce culture we live in as well. Upskilling has become vital because employees are expecting it when they arrive on the job. If you think about it, experience is the number one area that all employers ask for in order to get hired. If employees are not gaining valuable experience or new opportunities to learn on the job, essentially, they are not gaining anything but a paycheck. In today’s workforce, most smart professional employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. Understanding that things are moving fast and the ability to keep up is a key component to employee satisfaction, upskilling plays a very important roll in finding and retaining valuable employees.

The time to implement upskilling is right now!

Upskilling has an abundance of advantages, from improving employee retention and satisfaction to saving the company money. Allow your employees to develop their own career development path and then offer the time and resources to help them achieve their goals. At HB Staffing we offer our staffing professionals many ways of training and development. Our professional recruiters are CSP Certified and have attended many seminars from Staffing World to PIHR, we also offer our staffing professionals a laundry list of webinars and online training to get ahead of the industry. Also, as part of our candidate onboarding process, we offer a complimentary skill evaluation test using IBM Access (formerly Kenexa PROVEit), with over 1500 skill assessments. Our professional recruiters in Orange County are standing by to help you find great employees. Contact us today to request an employee!

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