Why Updating Temp Work On Your Resume Is Important

As a job seeker, it’s important to know how to showcase your work on your resume. However, showcasing temporary jobs on your resume may seem daunting, it could be the deal breaker when seeking a new position. The staffing industry provides outstanding jobs and career opportunities for nearly 17 million employees per year, according to the American Staffing Association. Nearly three million of those employees are temporary and contract employees.

Whether you’re a full-time or temporary employee your experience is stilled valued. Your temporary work has not only added value to your skill set, but it’s proven to be a great service to businesses and organizations all over the U.S. Here are 3 reasons why updating your temporary work experience on your resume is important.

1.  Temp Work Can Fill Work Experience Gaps On  Your Resume

The more temporary jobs you have taken on, the more versatile and experienced you are in different areas. Temporary work can help you fill gaps in your career. Gaps in your work history are a red flag for hiring managers and they will often question candidates with long periods of time between jobs. This is where temporary work proves to be valuable on your resume. Hiring managers are looking for people that are enthusiastic about work, people who are willing to learn and try new skills and gain experience. If you have taken on a temp opportunity in-between permanent career moves, do not exclude this from your resume. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work ethic. In fact, it has been proven beneficial and has often been a deal breaker for hiring managers making decisions.

2. Work Is Experience, Let Your Experience Shine!

Whether you’re a full-time temp worker, or you’ve chosen a temp position while searching for a career, it’s important to remember that your temp work experience is relevant. Like I said previously, you’re gaining new skills and experience on temporary assignments. Usually, most staffing firms have long term employees that have worked with for many years on temporary assignments. These employees are considered highly valuable in our industry. Businesses and organizations praise temporary workers for their work ethic and ability to constantly learn new skills. When updating your resume always remember to include your temporary work assignments, don’t hesitate to update your resume with temporary work, let it shine on your resume.

3. If You’re Hired Through A Staffing Agency, We ARE Your Employer

When you’re hired through a staffing agency like HB Staffing, always remember we are your employer unless we find you a direct hire position with another company. While working on temporary assignments through a staffing agency, the staffing agency is always your employer. While formatting your resume, be sure to list the staffing agency you worked for as your employer. Also, include the type of work you did, position you held and your daily responsibilities on the job. A common mistake we often see is employees referencing the wrong employer. While hiring managers are conducting reference checks, it is the recruiter’s responsibility to reference who you are and how well you did on the assignment during that time. Always be sure to update the length of your assignment as well.

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