3 Ways To Boost Your Hiring Process For Faster Results

As we all know by now, the unemployment rate in the United States is below 4%. The market is tough for employers looking for great candidates. Often, employers contribute to their own challenges and don’t even realize they’re causing a bigger problem in the recruiting process. At HB Staffing, we have the solutions! Ask yourself “is my hiring process hurting my candidate pool?” If you answered yes, consider asking yourself these three follow-up questions to help your recruiting challenges.

1. Are you asking for too much in the job description?

Qualifications are important, they are required to meet standards but sometimes you must ask yourself if you’re raising the bar too high for the market we are in at this given time. It’s essential to pick three to four solid prerequisite qualifications. For example, years of experience, education, number of hours dedicated to a specific software…etc. Make sure not to ask for too many specific requirements, realistically most candidates are likely to never meet those requirements and you could be passing up on qualified candidates.

2. Is your job description boring the reader?

This is where job descriptions may get tricky, you shouldn’t be asking for too much however, the description should be engaging to the reader. In this market place, you need to capture the great candidate’s attention. Describe the company in the way the candidate is going to want to work for your company. Describe the company culture, growth opportunities, competitive pay, benefits, and perks. Be sure to be truthful in this description, the last thing a candidate wants is to work for a company that is false advertising to fish people in.

3. Are you making time to make great hiring decisions?

Do you have the time to do all the hiring for your company? You know you need to fill positions, but your workload is already overwhelming. What do you do? We suggest calling a professional staffing agency. At HB Staffing, we specialize is finding outstanding candidates for commercial businesses, non-profits, public and federal government agencies throughout California and the United States. We cover the payroll taxes and administration fee’s, handle the workers’ compensation and unemployment and we are ACA- Compliant. We also track hours and provide customized reports so you can breath easy and focus on what’s important for your company.

The time to boost your hiring process is now!

Skilled talent is in demand, but the supply is harder to find than its ever been in the past. So, it’s time to take hiring to the next level. If you invest the time and effort in the hiring process, learn the in’s and out of the industry and hire smart, I guarantee you won’t be struggling for candidates anymore. But who has the time to invest the effort in the hiring process when your workload is already more than you can chew? That’s where HB Staffing has the solutions for you to get your business back on track! Our dedicated recruiters in Orange County can help you find great talent fast. We have a vast pool of qualified candidates ready to work. Furthermore, we offer the flexibility and agility to customize a temp-to-hire program that is cost effective for you, not to mention our 5-year direct hire client protection plan! Request an employee today and receive a free quote. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for faster.

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