The Top 3 “Don’t Do’s” During An Interview

When it comes to a job interview, being prepared, confident and ready for any question the hiring manager asks you is ideal. Keep in mind, an interview is a presentation about yourself. These practices can get you through any interview smoothly if executed properly. However, knowing what NOT to do in an interview can save you some costly mistakes!

Here are 3 “don’t do’s” during an interview to present yourself the right way.

Don’t Forget To Research The Company Your Interviewing With

One of the most important preparation steps for an interview is to research the company you’re interviewing with. Always do your research before going into an interview! The key to keeping up a great conversation with a hiring manager is caring for the conversation, be insightful and knowledgeable about the company. Think of this as an opportunity to share what you know and love about the company you are interviewing with. If something about the company strikes you with passion, be sure to express that and let the hiring manager know. The more you know about the company and express enthusiasm about the company, the better chance the hiring manager is to think you are serious about the position.

Don’t let your nerves take over the situation

This is important to remember but often tough to control. The best way to not let your nerves take over is preparation. Take each question one at a time, listen to the question, breath, pause before answering, and speak clearly. Remind yourself that you are ready for the interview and you have prepared for this moment. It’s your time to shine! Continue this process for each question. Study practice questions and answers with a family member or a friend. Prepare yourself as much as you can so you portray confidence, this will hopefully ease the nerves so you can have a successful interview. Always remember, that you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you.

Don’t bring up negative experiences with past employers

It’s ok to bring up conflict if you and your past employer found a way to work together and resolve the issue in a positive manner. One thing you never want to do is bring up conflict just for the sake of conversation. Leave the negativity at the door before entering your interview. Always try to portray a positive image of yourself in your interview. Employers want to see how you resolve things with integrity and respect. This will demonstrate that you have a solid head on your shoulders, you’re a team player and your willing to see the bigger picture for the company.

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When you’ve made a positive impression and been invited for an interview, keep up that good work and avoid these common interview mistakes.
Your interview paints a professional, competent persona. Back up this impression with positive body language and insightful questions, and steer clear of these “Don’t Do’s” in order to avoid a clumsy interview. Interested in more tips and tricks to get ahead of your job search? Contact our experienced recruiters in Orange County today to learn more!


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