3 Ways To Evaluate Candidates Microsoft Office Skills

In this competitive job market, finding the right candidates is not always easy. Often in many administrative jobs finding the right set of skills is essential for being successful on the job. Microsoft office suite is one set of skills that outweighs most on the list of importance. It’s no surprise they are required on almost every administrative job posting. Microsoft Suite is a powerful tool in the administrative field, these skills are used almost every day in an office setting.

Finding the right person with this set of skills required is the key. When hiring for an administrative position the employer must be searching for a candidate with these skills, but how do you measure this particular set of skills? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of 3 ways to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.

Skill Testing

There are many benefits of using a staffing agency to find employees for your company. One of the many benefits of using HB Staffing is that we utilize complimentary skill testing using IBM Access (formerly Kenexa PROVEit). IBM Access covers over 1,500 skill assessments and is proven to be one of the best skill assessment tests available. Before presenting our clients with qualified candidates they are required to pass our skill evaluation tests. These tests range from beginner, intermediate and advanced proficiency. Once they have passed and have proven they have what it takes to be successful on the job, we then present them to our clients for a final decision. Many companies provide standard evaluation tests, but our thorough skills evaluation through IBM Access provides reputable scores that have proven to be successful.


Our experienced recruiters in Orange County are constantly on the lookout for candidates with a history of working with a set of skills required for administrative positions. During this process, we are evaluating their set of skills through a variety of interview processes. Whether it’s a phone screening, a live video interview or an in-person interview our recruiters are training to identify these skills. This evaluation process includes doing reference checks, asking previous employers and hiring managers how they would describe the candidate’s proficiency level with a particular skill.

Education and Certifications

When searching for candidates we are also looking for education courses or certifications on candidate resumes. Our recruiting team looks for the number of hours a candidate has taken on a course. This usually indicates the level at which the candidate is performing. College experience or special certification classes are also a good indicator of what level the candidate is performing on. If the candidate has one or two basic courses completed on the subject and no additional experience, this usually indicated the candidate at an entry level with that particular skill set. If the candidate has the experience to back up the certifications, this would be a good indication that they are at a more advanced level.

Choose Your Candidate With Confidence At Our Employment Agency In Orange County!

Our experienced recruiters in Orange County specialize in searching, vetting and evaluating a candidate’s skill set. Our team is familiar with the various training and assessment platforms and are able to interpret test scores and evaluate skill levels easily based on our thorough training program. They know which questions to ask and where to look for red flags during the interview process. The continued relevance of these skills’ software ensures the high demand in the administrative work world. At HB Staffing, assessing a candidate’s skill set is easier than most with the tools and IMB Skill assessments at our fingertips. Looking to hire a great admin talent for your company? We can help you find what you’re looking for faster. Call today or request an employee online!

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