3 Ways to Describe Your Company Culture in an Interview

By now we are well aware of today’s competitive job market. Most qualified job seekers are searching for employers with a unique set of values they can relate to. However, they are also seeking a culture rich environment along with a great benefits package. So what do you do when they start asking questions about company culture in the interview?  Here a few ways you can answer those questions with confidence.

  1. Honesty is the Best Policy

Describing your company culture can be difficult because culture caries through a variety of different areas. It’s everything that encompasses your company that makes it great. Whether it’s work perks, growing business practices or being involved in the community, culture is all around your company.

Think about what makes your company an amazing company to work for, what you focused on as a whole rather than an individual. Do you have plans to engage in new technologies and innovation, are you growing every year in revenue sales, are you focused on maximizing your customer experience program?

Use these areas to define your company culture and think about your current employees. Are you creating a comfortable work environment for them? Use your current employees as examples for demonstrating that your they are content and motivated.

  1. Use Examples of What You Offer

Do you offer monthly gas budgets if your employees must make site visits? Do you offer education reimbursements for getting certifications? For example, at HB Staffing we offer our recruiters the opportunity to get their CSP Certification. We want all our recruiters and staffers to be Certified Staffing Professionals. This is a great opportunity for them to study and learn our industry standards. One of the many benefits of working for HB Staffing is the opportunity to gain professional development from certifications courses or educational events.

  1.  Describe Ways You Celebrate and Value Your Employees

Employees thrive on wanting to feel valued in the workplace. Describe examples of what you do to make them feel appreciated and valued. People don’t want to work for a company that doesn’t value their work.  Make sure to talk about different ways you celebrate employees’ values. Whether its birthdays, top performers, work anniversaries, etc.

In Conclusion…

By describing your company culture in such ways will help the qualified candidates make decisions. therefore, this will spark more interest to their desire to work for your company as opposed to another great company. In this competitive job market losing a great candidate can cost you and could extend your job order open status. At HB Staffing, we are leading staffing provider with qualified candidates at the ready. If you have a need, we can help you find what you’re looking for faster. Leave the staffing to the professional and partner with HB Staffing today.

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