4 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

An attractive resume is a key to grabbing the attention of a hiring manager, recruiter or human resources manager. Based on internal reports it is estimated that they receive over 100 resumes each day. Electronic resumes, stacks of paper resumes, how do you get one resume to stand out in a pile of 100?

It can be done, and HB Staffing put together some tips and tricks to help you make your resume shine.

Keep in Mind

  • A resume should be at least 12pt font and easy to scan through.
  • It should be customized based on 1 specific job you are applying for.
  • One to two pages long MAX.
  • Proofread, at least three times.


Choose a simple outline that is easy to scan and read. Along with your font size, make sure your margins are set to the default setting 1” on all sides. Once your basic structure is complete, think about the most important pieces of information that a hiring manager or recruiter would be interested in. Most companies are looking for experience, education and a specific skill set. When you’ve completed your outline, a good rule of thumb is to scan it under 7 seconds. If you can read all three important areas in under 7 seconds, you’re on the right track to an attention-grabbing resume.

Keywords and Buzzwords

When it comes to writing copy for your resume, make sure to include keywords that a recruiter or hiring manager would be looking for. Research the job description and familiarize yourself with what the job requires. Customize your descriptions to fit the specific job description but remember to always be ready to answer any questions.  Be ready to back your answers up when a recruiter may have a question about your resume and certain keywords. You can always use job descriptions or LinkedIn profiles to gather certain keywords to input in your resume.

Eliminate the Clutter

As stated previously the one doing the hiring is most likely looking for experience, education and specific skills. Hiring managers do not want to read through a personal statement or a picture, although in some cases it’s nice to put a face to the name. It’s best to eliminate the clutter and only state the relevant information. When it comes to education, work experience or specific skills try to customize your information based on the job you are applying for and keep it up-to-date.

Proof and Edit

This should be the most obvious step in the process but often candidates fail to proofread their resume before submitting. Scanning a resume with grammatical errors or spelling errors in an automatic “throw away” for most employers. Be sure to proofread your resume before submitting, give it to a friend, family member or colleague to make sure it is free from error. A clean resume is a standout resume.

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