How To Optimize Your Experience As A Staffing Agency Client

There are many different staffing agencies out there but finding the right one may be difficult. Do you know how staffing agencies work? Many businesses don’t know the process of hiring employees through an agency. So your probably asking yourself “So how do temp agencies work?” — well the most important question to ask yourself is how can you optimize your experience finding and working with a staffing agency?

Here are five tips for optimizing your experience as a staffing agency client.

  1.  Is the agency specialized in your industry?

Find an agency that specializes in what you need. Many staffing agencies work with multiple candidates with specific skill sets, so finding someone with the exact needs takes more time than using an agency that’s specialized in a certain industry. For example, at HB Staffing we specialize in placing talent in commercial businesses, public and federal government agencies. Based on our past performance we know our candidate marketplace, industry and the geographical area surrounding our clients in Orange County and San Diego.  With that experience, we can make more effective decisions during the candidate evaluation process to match them with your job order.

At HB Staffing, we promptly match exceptional talent with exceptional job opportunities! 

  1. Effective communication between you and the agency

Always speak with a staffing manager or hiring manager directly over the phone rather than communicating only via email. At HB Staffing there is always a helpful voice on the other end that can direct you to the right person. He or she will ask you about your staffing requirements and the length of time you need staff.  Once you feel confident that our agency is what you’re looking for, we follow our step by step search, recruit and placement process to find you the right talent.

Our professional service involves connecting candidates within our various job families to match their qualifications with our clients short- and long-term temp requirements or direct hire/search opening. We utilize referrals from our dynamic database of candidates, search for candidates on all major web-based platforms and advertise for qualified job seekers on many venues. We also utilize social marketing, engage job fairs, attend career centers and local community groups to attract candidates seeking opportunities.

  1. Prep Work

Is your business prepared to accommodate a new temporary or even long-term employee? Preparation is a key role in a successful process, it is important make sure to create a comfortable workspace for the employee. Ensure that any office equipment or software’s are set up and installed before the employees first day of work. To maximize the onboarding process, it is crucial for your company to make the employee feel like they are part of the team, even if they are only temporary.

The employee experience is one of the most important parts of the equation to a customer-centric business. To maximize your customer experience, you must have a great employee experience. Encourage team bonding by inviting the temp worker to staff functions such as lunches, team meetings and other group activities. Evaluate their performance and allow them to embrace company culture. Lack of preparation can make for a negative experience with the candidate, so making the employee feel comfortable in the workplace plays a vital role in how your business operates on a daily bases.

  1. Feedback

Employee feedback helps both you and the recruiter with any future talent searches. Notify the staffing manager if there are any problems, questions or concerns, and let the recruiter know what specific aspects of the individual’s performance have stood out. The more we know, the more we can adapt and help you better your business. At HB Staffing, we are always finding new ways and new technologies to help improve the candidate and client experience. As of 2019, you can now submit an Employee Feedback form directly from our website. Submitting this form will help better communicate your needs in the future.

  1. Cost Effect Program

Finding qualified, skilled employees can be time-consuming, and cost you thousands of dollars if the employee doesn’t work out. Leave the staffing to the professionals! If you aren’t happy with the employee, we will identify a replacement them and we have the flexibility and agility to customize a cost-effective program for your needs. Call today to request an employee and put our flexibility and agility to the test!


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