When To Hire Seasonal Employees


The holidays are here and most companies need a little extra help around the office. The workloads can be heavier than usual this time of year, but did you know the holidays aren’t the only time of year that can cause the workload to spike higher than average? Below are the four best seasons to hire seasonal employees. Whatever the staffing situation is, seasonal employees are in need all year round.

The Four Seasons For Seasonal Employees:

Holidays — This one may seem obvious, but many businesses get extremely busy in October, November and December. Workloads during the holidays can spike way above average due to employees taking time off and vacations. The end of the year is around the corner and that means businesses are scrambling to complete tasks and plan for the new year. Customer service duties rise with holiday party absentees and company functions to plan for. Retailers, tourism businesses, and others often need significant extra help during the lead-up to the holidays to keep things on track. Seasonal Employees are a great solution if you need coverage during this time.

Tax season — Accounting departments and tax offices are highly impacted during this time of year, with heavy workflow, extremely long hours and overbooked appointments, extra help anywhere they can get is ideal. Whether it’s a secretary handling phones calls or an office assistant to handle the administrative tasks, seasonal employees can serve as a great alternative to get you through the season stress-free.

Summer Season — If you’re in the retail business or your facility runs a public pool during the summer it’s not unusual for businesses to find themselves short-handed during summer. Whether it’s extra lifeguards for a Public Sector or part-time cashiers at a commercial business, hiring seasonal employees can help your business get through the summer rush.

Voting Season — Most companies don’t think to hire temporary staff to do a job for one or two days, but this time of year is crucial for Public Agencies to have extra help on hand. Seasonal employees can be hired to set up voting booths, scan ballots, check voting equipment and break down booths on the same day. Don’t count this season out, instead plan ahead to have seasonal employees ready for this season when you know it’s coming.

Leave your holiday staffing needs to the professionals.

A good relationship with a professional recruiter is essential to successful seasonal hiring. A specialized staffing agency like HB Staffing knows the candidate marketplace in your industry and city. Our professional service involves connecting candidates within our various job families to match their qualifications with our clients short- and long-term temp requirements or direct hire openings. We utilize referrals from our dynamic database of candidates, search for candidates on all major web-based platforms and advertise for qualified job seekers on many venues. We also utilize social marketing, engage job fairs, attend career centers and local community groups to attract candidates seeking opportunities. Call today or request an employee!

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