Video Job Interviews – How To Conquer Technology

In the age of technology, video interviews are becoming more and more part of the hiring process. To make sure you’re ready for the camera, HB Staffing has prepared some easy steps to help you prep for a video interview.

Always dress the part

This one is simple, always dress professional from head to toe for an interview. It’s your first impression with a company, even if it is a video interview make sure you’re looking your best!

Test Run

A few days before the interview, ask a friend, family member or colleague to conduct a test interview with the equipment you’re going to be using. Whether it’s your computer, laptop, Ipad, Iphone or Samsung device make sure it is working correctly. Check your connections and make sure you have a designated spot with WiFi during the time of your interview. By coordinating a test run through your equipment and interview, you will feel more comfortable the day of.

Mount up

On the day of the interview, if you are using a hand help device make sure that you mount your device so it does not appear shaky or distracting to the interviewer. It is important to keep your hands free in case you reference notes or write something important down on a piece of paper or notepad. Otherwise, it may appear very distracting and unprofessional if you are constantly placing the device down.

Check your Email and Username on your device.

In some cases, the last time you used your video device or logged into your email was years ago. Make sure your emails and usernames on your video device are appropriate and professional. We suggest your first and last name if it can be used. This also applies to your social media, some companies reference your social media, make sure it’s ready to be viewed by an employer.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing a location for your video interview to take place, make sure that it is free from any distractions. Whether your dog tends to bark at birds or your children are screaming, be sure to find a quiet place to set up your interview. Also, make sure the background in your video is clean and free from any distractions. We suggest a clean wall near a window with natural lighting.

Don’t Rush your answers

In some cases, unfortunately quite often connections seem to get lost or delayed. If a delay occurs during your interview, we suggest waiting a few seconds before responding to the question to avoid cutting off the interviewer.

Don’t let technology frighten you, take these tips from us and master the art of the video interview. By following these steps, it could quite possibly land you a new job or a second interview.  For more interview tips and suggestions Contact one of our professional recruiters, we offer complimentary interview preparation!

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