The Benefits of Temp-to-Hire Staffing

  • A temp-to-hire strategy enables companies to have a “try out” period where you evaluate employees firsthand.
  • During the “try out” period the employer can make sure the candidate fits the work environment, culture and needs.
  • No more payroll, taxes, insurances and administrative cost until you are ready to make a hiring decision.

Today, more clients find that using the “try before you buy” method of bringing employees through a staffing firm is a great way to go. When you have a need, a temp-to-hire program often allows for a quick “time-to-hire” than if you advertise to fill a position.

A relationship starts with a short-term assignment that has the potential to lead to longer-term employment. During this initial trial period, your employer has a firsthand opportunity to evaluate a worker’s skills as they are assigned to your projects. During this time the employer can also determine if the candidate fits the work environment, culture and company needs. At the same time, your temp-to-hire staff can see whether they’re comfortable with their job assignments, your work environment, their coworkers and their opportunities for advancement.

Temp-to-hire programs can vary from one staffing firm to another, at HB Staffing we have the flexibility and the agility to handle all the payroll, payroll taxes, insurances, and administrative costs until the employer is ready to make a hiring decision. The trial time commitment is customizable based on volume and the employer pays no additional fees at the end of the period. We offer free working interviews up to two days/16 hours on temp-to-hire candidates.  Request an employee and Customize a program that is cost effective for you today!


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