Giving Thanks – What Are You Thankful For At Work?


Although family, friends and well-being are all great things to be thankful for,  let’s take a moment to think about what we can be thankful for in the workplace!

Here are three things you can be thankful for at work:


Without competition, there would be no one to challenge or motivate us to go above and beyond in our work. We should be thankful for healthy competition; it fuels innovation, creativity and success in the workplace. Without competition things are easy, but sometimes easy is boring. Be thankful for your competition!

Constructive Criticism:

Look at constructive criticism as a learning lesson. It shows people care about your success and are invested in your future. Use constructive criticism to thrive in the workplace and be grateful that people want to make you better! It’s not always easy being criticized so try to have thick skin and the right mindset, remember to try to use the feedback to improve your work.

Small Goals:

People fantasize about achieving a long-term goal or getting a big promotion, although these long-term goals are great, they are few and far between. Focusing on everyday small accomplishments (and being thankful for them) can increase our satisfaction at work. When we concentrate on our everyday accomplishments, like solving a problem with your team, finishing up a daily task, or constructing a well thought out email it keeps us engaged and positive.

As you think about what you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving, take time to reflect on your job!

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